Angelic Usui Reiki

Angelic Usui Reiki is different from traditional Reiki because it is delivered from the Angelic Realms. This gives Angelic Usui Reiki a subtly powerful significant potential. Angelic Usui Reiki is a safe and natural form of energy rebalancing occurring through its origins as a Divine vibration from the Angelic Kingdom. This Divine vibration passes through an earthly conduit such as a receptive and willing practitioner like Elaine Parkinson.

Angelic Usui Reiki has the potential for helping you face and overcome emotional challenges. It is also hugely beneficial if are in need of finding a place of deep revitalisation or rebalance for your body or mind is well known. It is commonly reported as being soothing, wonderful, calming and joyous to receive.

Your Angelic Reiki session will cost £45 – please allow two hours.

To further your treatment to a more Holistic approach try Reiki and Reflexology together at a special price £55.


If you have any questions about Angelic Usui Reiki here at Feathers Apartments, or if you would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact Elaine.


Meditation is a popular way to find deep relaxation which is now being recognised to have significant health benefits. I can also teach you to meditate in a one-to-one session. Please enquire about details for private sessions.

Angelic Guidance through Angel Cards

Calling on the Angels to directly receive guidance and insight into your questions intuitively to bring healing in certain areas of your life. The reading can help you go through transitions in life with either your career, home life and relationships.

45 minute to an hour session - £30.00

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

is an ancient energy-based system which offers a natural way or restoring equilibrium and balance. When giving the healing the Ama Deus Shaman acts as a channel for the force of the Universal Love and its known as a heart –based energy healing system. Which connects to the charkas, the main charka is the heart. Using herbs and sage throughout the treatment.
Very relaxing treatment!

Shamanic Healing – please allow one and a half hour to two hours – £45


Reflexology is the practice of applying specific pressure point massage to tiny areas on the feet called reflexes. Each reflex area corresponds to the various tissues, organs and systems throughout the body. When the reflexes are compressed through gentle pressure, the body is encouraged naturally to regain its inner harmony and balance therefore allowing greater wellbeing to be experienced.
Reflexology is neither ticklish nor painful. In my caring hands, you will be able to relax while you receive the benefits of this ancient holistic therapy.

Reflexology sessions last approximately 1 hour and costs £30.

Aromatherapy massage

This is a luxury massage includes a full consultation and total relaxation with the use prescriptive essential oils. A truly wonderful experience

Aromatherapy Full Body 1 hour £40

Full Body 1hour and a half £55

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candles are not new but are an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations. However, the practice reached the modern world via the Native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona, hence the name Hopi Ear Candles. The ear candles used for your treatment are still based on the basis of the old traditional formula originating from the Hopi Indians.
Hopi Ear Candles are a hollow cylinder created with honey, bees wax, herbs and essential oils. They offer a pleasant and non-invasive way of soothing the ears and sinuses. Hopi ear candles are believed to work on a chimney principle, drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. The ear candles safely induce a revitalising heat within the ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes.
Therapy includes a soothing face and shoulder massage to ensure you receive the best results from the ear candles.

Each session lasts approximately 1hours and 30 minutes and costs £40

If you have any questions about Hopi Ear Candles treatment with me here at Feathers Apartments or if you would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Massage and Pregnancy

The areas most likely to benefit from massage are the lower back and legs.The lower back, as the muscles in this region are used to counterbalance the extra load at the front. They are likely to be contracted and tense,giving rise to backache and soreness.The legs will ache more simply because of the extra weight and less effective lymph system.

Massage helps to reduce muscle spasm and to lessen any congestion in the tissues. Massage helps to reduce muscle spasm and to lessen any congestion in the tissues. Massage also provides a pleasant a pleasant way of keeping the skin moisturised and soft, thereby helping to avoid stretch marks. This treatment can not be given in the first trimester (first 12 weeks). Communication is very important between partners at a time when major changes are going to happen within the relationship together time will give the opportunity to discuss fears and feelings. Your welcome to bring the father along for him to enjoy a relaxing hour I can also mix some aromatherapy blends to help with insomnia, lack of libido, stress or tension.


Reduce strain in lower back, abdomen and shoulders
Increases muscle tone of muscles weakened and strained in pregnancy
Encourages rest and relaxation
Reduces fatigue
Stabilizes hormones, increases glad secretions
Reduces fluid levels by stimulating lymph
Soothes nerves and promotes relaxation

Spa Days

Treat your self to a well deserved day of complete in -diligence with a incredible day at Feathers from heaven.I have a quiet room for after your treatment to relax in a clam and smoothing setting if you feel a little tried. Refreshments will be provided through your special day.
Packages for mums to- be, Weddings, holidays packages or just a girlie day to indulge in a day of heaven.
My super smoothing back treatment is designed to rid your muscles of stress and your skin impurities. Your Back /body will benefit from a deep cleansing scrub followed with a body masque. Then relax with beautiful massage. Packages Start from £45- £160

Package - £45pp
Back Exfoliation
Back Masque
Back Massage
Foot Spa With a scrub And Massage

Package 2 - £68 pp
Back Exfoliation
Back Masque
Back Hot Stone Massage
Mini Facial With Scrub with a neck massage

Package 3 - £125pp
Full Body Exfoliation
Full body Masque
Full Body Massage with either Hot Stone or Bamboo
Facial with scrub and a masque including head massage

Package 4 - Deluxe day for 2 £160 pp
Full body Exfoliation
Full body Masque
Facial with scrub and a masque including head massage
Full Aromatherapy body Massage with either Hot Stone or Bamboo
Reiki with Reflexology

Swedish Massage

If you feel burnt out or stressed, get a Swedish Massage and reap the benefits.It can do wonders for you helping those tried aching muscles, also helps you feel rejuvenated.This therapy can help you get the good feeling back into your life that you truly deserve.
If you suffer with any sleeping disorder and are unable to sleep through the night Insomnia, Swedish Massage can help alleviate your sleep pattern to allow you full night sleep and feel rejuvenated the following day.

Full Body massage 1 hour £35

Full Body Massage 1hour and 30 min £50

Chakra Balancing

Help people who are dealing with issues of reduced ability to self-nourish due to low self-esteem problem’s, emotional issues, physical, by unblocking your charkas’ you can experience well-being, this is a holistic way of soothing emotions and rebalancing the physical body so that the two work harmoniously.

Please allow one hour £35.00

Angel Tarot Card Reading

If you need peace of mind, clarity and some life direction, why not try our Angel Tarot Card Reading.

45 minute session - £30.00

Forensic – The Award Winning healing System

Forensic healing is a natural healing system combining science and intuition to release pain,stress and long term condition fast. It is regarded as the deepest and most effective healing framework to release pain stress and trauma. It answers long standing question regarding chronic physical emotional, spiritual conditions and clears stubborn relationship, health and financial blocks. Giving you more confidence, wellbeing and peace of mind. Please feel free to ask any question.

1 Hour - £40.00
30 Minutes - £20.00
15 Minutes - £10.00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage stimulates the lymph through the one-way drainage pathways within the body. It is gentler than some other from of massage and uses flowing rhythmic movements. By stimulating the lymphatic system the tissues of the body are assisted in the process of clearing excess fluid. One of the aims of the massage is to reduce swelling Oedema by increasing lymphatic drainage. The benefits it can help with Relaxation, Sinus problems, Fluid retention, Swollen legs and ankles, Lymph oedema, Muscle damage, PMS,IBS, Aids healing process.

Full Body 1 hour £45

Full Body 1hour and a half £65

If you have a problem area we can work just that area for half £25

Warm Bamboo Massage – Hot / Cold Stone Massage

This technique uses varying lengths and diameters of bamboo to deliver a deep tissue massage that promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as a deep sense of relaxation and well-being, as a therapist it allows me to give a deeper firmer massage. I can promote this amazing treatment with aromatherapy oils. The bamboo massage is to believed to be similar to hot stones therapy. It brings the same warming, smoothing effect of the hot stones.


Helps reduce muscular tension
Simulates poor circulation
Aids Lymphatic drainage
Promotes relaxation
Helps re-energise
Allows for easy application of deeper tissue work
Helps in rheumatic and arthritic conditions
Creates a general feeling of well-being

£40 per hour - £55 one and half hours


The Hot/cold Stone Massage help relax the muscles and therefore allow a greater intensity of massage. They help expand the blood vessels which in turn assist the blood and unwanted waste materials through the body. The hot stones have the effect of creating deep relaxation which in itself is very therapeutic.

Cold stones cause the blood vessels to constrict which helps stimulate the nervous system by drawing blood and waste products along the body. they also help disperse congestion and interrupt muscle spasm. By using them both together in a treatment the process of detoxification aided and in addition it promotes relaxation and feeling well-being.


Helps reduce muscular aches and pains
Helps reduce swelling
Stimulates poor circulation
Helps sinus problems when using hot and cold
Can help reduce stress, and anxiety and tension
Helps harmonize and balance the body
Creates a general feeling of well being
Can be used in conjunction with chakra balancing

£40 per hour - £55 one and half hours

To make any of the treatments above a more holistic therapy, Reiki can be administered for £65 inclusive.


A pedicure is a great way to look after your feet all year round. Pedicures are a great way to provide basic care for your feet.

What is a pedicure?
A pedicure is cosmetic treatments for the feet and toenails that cleans your feet, provides nail care and foot/calve massages. They are for anyone who to take care of their feet.

Exfoliates the Feet
Exfoliation, or removal of dead skin cells, prevents the cells from accumulating and causing bunions or corns, which can be uncomfortable and painful. The removal of the dead skin on your feet, especially on the heel, encourages new cell growth which creates smoother and more attractive feet.

Early Detection of Problems
Receiving a regular pedicure can help the pedicurist detect early signs of corns, bunions and fungal infections. These conditions are easier to treat when they are identified in its earlier stages.

Decreases Chances of Infections
Clipping, cutting and cleaning of the toe nails prevents them from growing inward and causing infection. The elimination of dirt and bacteria from your feet will also help prevent nail diseases disorders (fungi) and foot odors. It is also important to keep toenails healthy because they protect toes from trauma.

Relaxes the Body
A good pedicure can be very relaxing. It helps you relieve stress and can be therapeutic massage therapy eases tension, stiffness and enhances well-being”.

Promotes Circulation
The most enjoyable part of the salon pedicure is the massage. Massaging helps promotes circulation and helps relieve tension in the calves and feet. Increase in blood circulation can reduce pain and help distribute heat throughout your body.

Tidy up – foot soak heal exfoliated nails polished. ½ hour £15
Full Pedicure – Foot soak, foot exfoliated foot scrub lower leg massage nail polished 45 mins £25
Luxurious –Pedicure including foot soak, foot masque, lower leg massage with hot stone nail polished 1 hour £30
Reflexology can be added to a Pedicure special price £55

Skype Healing

1 hour session - £40.00
30 minute session - £20.00